Oh, the Places You’ll Go…with sim!

Author: Alyssa Thomason

Picture this…

It’s your first year of med school – you’re eager, you’re excited, you’re ready to save some lives and change the world. Except you spend most of your day in class where you couldn’t feel further from that dream. You start to wonder how any of what you’re learning fits into your bigger picture. How can you be expected to figure out what is important without any context? As you complete your umpteenth flashcard this week, you yell “AM I EVER GOING TO USE ANY OF THIS?!”

In a mad grasp for relevance, you sign up for nearly every student group on campus. You thought that with a name like “SIMULATION SOCIETY” you’d end up in the matrix taking a quiz on red and blue pills. Instead, you learned about how to recognize disease, work in teams, and handle yourself in a crisis. It may just be playing doctor, but better to fumble talking over a case with your classmates rather than with a critically ill patient.

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What is a simulation competition like?

Author: Evan Strobelt

I climbed the steps to the stage, my heart pounding as I approached the mannequin hidden underneath a sheet. The judges’ eyes seemed to pierce into our souls as we assumed our positions, their expressions refusing to reveal any hint of their emotions. I took my place at the head of the bed and stared back into the faces of several hundred strangers sitting in the audience, expectantly awaiting the beginning of the case. Silence fell on the room for a brief second before the room descended into a chaos. EMS attempted to shout their report above the sounds of the monitor’s beeping and our mannequin’s agonizing screams. I added my own contribution to the noise and yelled out “Airway’s intact!” Our team began to sift through the chaos and worked on systematically breaking down the case, simultaneously diagnosing and treating. The furious scribbles of the judges and the eager faces of the audience faded into the background as we immersed ourselves in the puzzle. 

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DIY Wax for Wounds/Scars: An Affordable Moulage Recipe

Author: Luana Kohnke

Moulage is the art of using wax or plaster along with makeup to mimic injuries for training medical and military personnel. The practice dates back to the Renaissance when medical professors created wax figures to teach anatomy, as a substitute for the illegal use of cadavers. In present day, it has progressed to depicting various injuries and pathologies. For example, Germany uses their historical moulage collections to show students rare diseases such as smallpox or leprosy. Although moulage’s use in medical school has declined, multiple studies have shown that moulage increases student’s interest in specific topics and promotes better memory consolidation.

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