Laceration Moulage Tutorial

Author: Luana Kohnke

Looking to create some incredibly realistic lacerations with a few simple and affordable ingredients? Here’s a great tutorial on how to do just that with images to accompany all the step-by-step instructions!

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DIY Wax for Wounds/Scars: An Affordable Moulage Recipe

Author: Luana Kohnke

Moulage is the art of using wax or plaster along with makeup to mimic injuries for training medical and military personnel. The practice dates back to the Renaissance when medical professors created wax figures to teach anatomy, as a substitute for the illegal use of cadavers. In present day, it has progressed to depicting various injuries and pathologies. For example, Germany uses their historical moulage collections to show students rare diseases such as smallpox or leprosy. Although moulage’s use in medical school has declined, multiple studies have shown that moulage increases student’s interest in specific topics and promotes better memory consolidation.

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